Monday, 16 September 2013

Stress, Strife and Stuttering Sales....the life of a Doer-Upper.

There was a time I rather liked stress.

Tight deadlines and unreasonable clients were a daily part of life in advertising, and in many ways I thrived on it.

These days, however, I find even the slightest pressure or the smallest set-back almost unbearably stressful.

Having two properties 'Under Offer' is close to life threatening on my personal stress-O-meter.

We have two 'legal' problems on the flat sale. And while the buyer is being patient and understanding at the moment I don't know how long that will last.

The issues are, frankly, so complex that I can't be bothered to explain. But the reality is that I didn't get all my ducks in line when it came to the post-renovation paperwork.

I could blame solicitors, builders or managing agents until I'm blue in the face (and about to have a heart attack), but the truth is I f****d up.

Yes, the buyer's solicitor is being a complete arse and her points are pointless (as the Managing Agents, Building Control consultants and my own solicitor all confirm).

But I should have anticipated this kind of rubbish from some box-ticking, power-crazed lawyer.

I hate red tape, regulations, rules and jumping through bureaucratic hoops, but I'm learning fast that lacking respect for these aspects of the property game can come back and bite you rather ferociously in the rear.

One way or another I guess we'll get through these issues, but whether there'll still be a buyer is questionable.

On our house, I have absolutely no clue what's happening. Last time I heard, the buyer's solicitor was waiting for the local searches and the client's deposit money.

It turned out our overseas cash buyer isn't actually a 'cash' buyer and needs to finance the deal! So when that deposit money will arrive is anyone's guess.

Nothing, it appears, ever quite runs as smoothly as it should. And it's the most I can do not to scream at some innocent party.

I'd hoped to get at least one property exchanged this week, before my stepson and business partner's wedding near Lyon this Saturday, but that now looks about as likely as Gareth Bale actually being worth €100m.

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