Friday, 5 December 2014

Not too shabby. Even though I say so myself.

Its been 10 months in the making - thanks to planning delays and several shockingly inept professional consultants - but it's now done, dusted...and on the market.

As you can see below, following the beauty parade of five agents, we went with Savills. For a large operation at the top end, these guys (actually it's girls in this case) have been a revelation. 

Given the state of the market (thanks, George, for making it even worse), I have no idea when/if we'll sell the house. But if it doesn't go quickly (or even slowly) I won't be blaming our agent, Sarah. 

She worked incredibly fast to get it on the market in time for a short burst before the Christmas shutdown and it's already paid off. Even though we haven't had 'mass' viewings, those we're having seem like serious buyers. And the proportion of second viewings is high. I couldn't really have asked for much more in the circumstances.

Now that we've moved in, we really do love this house. And in truth we'd do almost anything to keep it. Indeed, I've become a major buyer of lottery tickets in the forlorn hope that my luck might change.

Combined with our house in Somerset, 38 Abingdon Road makes the ideal London base for our life stage. Small enough to be easy to maintain, large enough to be far more than a claustrophobic pied a terre.

I'm no interior designer (obviously) but we've tried to make it a very livable, relaxed space rather than a pristine, self-conscious showhouse.

My wife's paintings add a bit of quality and personality (in fact, I'm worried that they are attracting more interest from some viewers than the house itself).

I'll be sorry to leave this home. But will be relieved if we can sell it soon.

As always, we have gone over budget and come to market late. For a year now the balance on my bank account has only gone in one direction....and it would be nice (not so say vital) to see it go in the opposite direction for a change.

But in the meantime, I'm going to revel in the chance to live in two of the nicest places in Britain - London W8 and Chantry, nr Frome.

(Anyone want to buy a pair of wonderful houses?)