Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How the property world solves the government's unemployment problem all on its own.

Having seen the way the property world operates, I'm not surprised that our unemployment figures continue to fall even as our economy stutters between dips.

Here's a list of people potentially feeding off my latest project:

         - Buying Agent
         - Estate Agent
         - Solicitor
         - Building Surveyor
         - Building Plans Surveyor
         - Structural Engineer
         - Quantity Surveyor
         - Asbestos Surveyor
         - Asbestos Removers
         - Tree Consultant
         - Party Wall Surveyor
         - Building Regs Consultant
         - Planning Officer
         - Project Manager
         - Architect
         - Builder (inc labourers, plumbers, painters, electricians, plasterers, roofers, bricklayers etc)
         - Scaffolders
         - Garden Designer
         - Garden Builder
         - Kitchen Designer
         - Kitchen Installer
         - Builders Merchant
         - Plumbers Merchant
         - Timber Merchant
         - Electrical Wholesaler
         - Tile Showroom
         - Tiler
         - Flooring Showroom
         - Floor installers
         - Interior designer
         - Photographer
I could go on, but it's far too depressing.

I'm all for people having a job. (In fact I'd quite like one myself.)

Since when, however, did we need this many people to do a little renovation project?

No wonder London property is so expensive.

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